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Route 66

Physcially Travelling Route 66, Virtually, 2013-4

Developed as part of a period of research connected to experiences of altermodernity, the quintessential American Highway, Route 66 was focused on as a line of travel in this body of work.

The route was driven over a period of 2 weeks, and representational oil paintings were made in situ, at the road side - to record the everyday nature of much of the scenery of this journey.

After travelling the line of the route, engaging with it through representational painting practice, and documenting it with photographs of the selected everyday scenes, the Route was re-travelled via online electronic, virtual and streetview maps.

For two weeks, equivalent to the time to physically travelling the Route, the line was engaged with, this time not through tyres on tarmac, but using keyboard cursor clicks. The resulting triptych works proposed a dialogue between modes of recording the physical and virtual engagements with a particular line of travel.

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