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Developed for the Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh in April 2019, Grille was a large-scale solo exhibition in the main gallery of new visual work connected directly to the visual aesthetic of the space itself. The works encompassed the repetitive patterns of window grilles, the play of sunlight on the gallery floor and the ways in which the large exhibition area itself could be activated through self-referential expanded field works.


Gallery Text:

Grille is a new exhibition by Glasgow-based artist, Graham Lister. Continuing his research focusing on the visual forms of barrier materials, the exhibition derives inspiration predominantly from the windows of the Patriothall Gallery space itself. Drawing together a range of ways of working, Grilleis intended to showcase a personal process of ‘getting to know’ the space using activities of making and re-making, and through the repetition of painterly gestures; as the lines and shapes which comprise elements of the space are gradually distilled and simplified.

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