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Over / Under /
Cover / Repeat

Over / Under / Cover / Repeat was a new body of work created for a showcase at the Bowery Gallery in Leeds. It formed part of ongoing studio investigations into the qualities of everyday barrier materials. From solid hoardings, to chain-link wires and to plastic weaves, diverse material surfaces are so often part of everyday urban spaces, but are easily overlooked.


Exhibition Text:


Over / Under / Cover / Repeat is the culmination of a 2 year practice-based research trajectory, with the resulting body of work positioned as a ‘thinking-through’ process, rather than simply an activity of making paintings of subjects, or creating objects.

Here, the works point toward questioning the ways in which the selected subject can be considered, challenged, used and re-imagined through the activity of painting and by using painting practice as a methodological tool.


The Bowery Gallery in Leeds is an established gallery in Leeds which has showcased the work of national and international artists over the last 10 years.

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