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Material Cover-Ups

Exhibition Text:


Material Cover-Ups - a group exhibition, curated by Graham Lister for East Street Arts (Leeds).

Exhibited in within the ESA Market Avenue Temporary Gallery in Huddersfield.


Grace Haigh | Nicole Segar | Naila Kauser | Josh Howard | Megan Bonser | Zenaira Sattar | Mark Woodfine-Jones | Dale Holmes | Graham Lister |

Material Cover-Ups was built around a collection of works, all of which referred to themes of barrier materials, ad-hoc structures, layered processes and the act of 'covering-up'.


With a curatorial theme derived from personal research interests, the exhibition drew together a range of nationally-recognised practitioners, along with recent graduates from UK Art Schools. By selecting and bringing together a group of artists whose work aligned with my own practice-based research concerns, new dialogues with relation to expanded field painting practices works were brought to the fore.

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