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Altermodern Archive: Everyday Glasgow

A selection of images created for a solo exhibition at the New Glasgow Society in October 2014.

Completed as part of the successfully completed 2016 PhD entitled Altermodern Painting: Network, Non-place, Fragment. Toward a new method of representational painting in the space of flows, this solo showcase featured 100 paintings focusing on fragments of the physcial environment (specifically in Glasgow). The spaces depicted, the surfaces concentrated on and the areas shown in the works were considered by way of my personal representational painting process. Throughout the research work for the PhD, painting was employed as a methodological tool - a way to 'think through' the visual source material encountered. The works for this exhibition were painted en plein air and the locations, the spaces and places were engaged with and better understood using the making process - pushing and pulling pigment and medium on a support.

By concentrating on seeing even the most mundane of details (a cracked tile, a line of construction hoardings) through the process of moving paint on a surface, an improved understanding of personal engagement with the world around us was generated.

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