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FORGE. Art Magazine, Issue 17: Risk, p40-p42, November 2017.

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Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - Biennial Edition', p98 - p118, November 2017.

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Start with What You Know', Ochre Press, London, October 2017

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'Submission #3', in United Newsletter no.XX, 2017.

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Altermodern Painting: Network, Non-Place, Fragment.

Toward a New Method of Representational Painting in the Space of Flows.

Doctoral Thesis, (unpublished), The Glasgow School of Art, 2016.

'The Portfolio as Testing Ground'

UCAS National Conference, July 2016, Sheffield.

'The Painter of Altermodern Life'

Material Cultures Conference, September 2015, The Glasgow School of Art.

'Virtually Spatialising the Altermodern Everyday'

Landscapes of Liminality Conference, June 2014, Trinity College, Dublin.

‘The Art of Being There – Representational Painting and Visual Spatialisation’

Athens Institute for Education and Research

5th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts

June 2014, Athens, Greece

'Revisiting the Void: Yves Klein' in Line Magazine, 2011.

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'The South Will Rise Again' Exhibition Review for Roda Sten, Gothenborg, Sweden, 2010.

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